Our History

DSC_0346It began in the mid-1960s with one man having a vision and much courage. He is a man who has sacrificed much and went as far as to mortgage his own home in order to obtain funds and equipment to build a Christian School on St. Maarten. That man is Mr. Helmich Snijders. Over the next ten years, Mr. Snijders and his former wife Mrs. Stevens, worked hard to pay off the debt for this project and with other members of our community turned their dream into reality.

On April 23, 1968, the foundation for Protestant Christian Education in the Windward Islands was established in St Maarten.

In 1974, the foundation started with the first 3 classes with a total of 55 students of what would become the St. Peters Hillside School. In that same year, the Island Government of St. Maarten made land available to our school board for the construction of a school in St. Peters.

In 1977, the St. Peters Hillside Kindergarten began classes.

In 1994, the St. Peters Hillside School Pre School began.

In March 1995, the name of our school was changed from “St Peters Hillside School”, to “The Hillside Christian Schools” to reflect our Christian orientation.

Over the years our school has grown from 4 classrooms to three schools consisting of 26 classrooms with a student population of 660; a staff of 37 teaching professionals, who provide quality education with a Christian Foundation to each students. With God’s guidance and help, we have met the challenges of the past.