Mrs. Asha Stevens and Mr. Helmich Snijders


Helmich and Asha Snijders begin discussions with fellow Christian on the development of a Christian elementary school for St. Maarten.

April 23, 1968
The Foundation for Protestant Christian Education in the Windward Islands (FPCEWI) is established in St. Maarten.  The first board members are Mr. Klaas Pikkert, Mr. Arthur A. Hodge, Mrs Inez G. Thomas, Mr. Charles T. Vlaun, Mr. Helmich Snijders; and Mr. Wilfred Manning, who served as first board chairman.
August 1974
Land for a new school is Construction provided by the Island Government with the help of Education Commissioner, Mr. Joe Richardson.

Helmich and Asha Snijders mortgage their home to obtain funds for the building of the first four classrooms.  As construction begins, classes begin for 55 students in a small rented house and the youth center.

Mrs. Asha Snijders serves as school’s first acting principal while teaching a class of first graders in the morning and a combination class of 2nd and 3rd graders in the afternoon.
January 1974
Mr. Carlyle Cadogan arrives from Barbados to become the First Grade teacher.
September 1975
Mr. J. A. Warntjes succeeds Mrs. Stevens as principal.
Mr. St. Clair Edwards succeeds Mr. Wilfred Manning as chairman of the school board.  School is expanded with island government-financed construction of four additional classrooms and two additional restrooms.  Kindergarten classes begin.
Mrs. Roxanne Smith is appointed as the first principal of the St. Peters Hillside Kindergarten.
Mr. Leendert Timmer succeeds Mr. Warntjes as principal of the St. Peters Hillside school.
Mrs. Joan van Langeveld succeeds Mrs. Smit as Kindergarten principal.
Major Dutch development aid project adds seven classrooms, gym hall, staff room, tow offices, video room, tow storage rooms, three restrooms, a playground, and fencing and paving of the school grounds.
October 9, 1987
Upon completion of major expansion project, the St. Peters Hillside School, has official opening ceremony.
Mrs. Asha Snijders, Mrs. Asha Stevens now is appointed as the first superintendent for the Christian Schools.
Ms. Clara Nicholas succeeds Mrs. Joan van XXX as principal of the St. Peters Hillside Kindergarten.
Ms. Rozella Groeneveldt, now Mrs. Rozella Lawrence, succeeds Mr. Lee Timmer as principal of the St. Peter Hillside School.
In 1994 the St. Peters Hillside School Pre School began.
In March 1995 the name of our school was changed from “St. Peters Hillside School”, to” The Hillside Christian Schools” to reflect our Christian orientation.
Over the years our school has grown from 4 classrooms to three schools consisting of 26 classrooms with a student population of 660; a staff of 37 teaching professionals, who provide quality education with a Christian Foundation to each student. With God’s guidance and help, we have met the challenges of the past.
On February 25, 2011 the ground breaking ceremony took place for the second Hillside Christian Schools Campus in Cay Hill.
During the school year 2012 -2013 our school was separated into two campuses.
On August 17th, 2012 we proudly opened our Asha Stevens Campus Hillside Christian School in Cay Hill.